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The Art and Science of Culture

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The Art and Science of Culture

Did you know that your true corporate culture is hidden in the thinking and mindsets that drive all interpersonal interactions at work? Your corporate culture ultimately determines your performance levels, your ability to attract and retain talent, to collaborate, and to strategically transform as your market conditions change.

After decades of listening to and working with hundreds of CEOs, CHROs, and business leaders, culture experts Chad Carr, PhD, MBA, and Matt Herzberg, PhD (ABD), MA, have distilled the critical cultural challenges that organizations face. These include the need for:


Higher engagement


Better alignment


More accountability


Inclusive collaboration


Increased agility

But what leaders don’t (yet) see are the “hidden elements” of culture that explain, with certainty, why these challenges exist.

In addition to focusing on obvious elements of culture, like values, purpose, behaviors, and policies, the authors provide a clear view of what is typically hidden. Building on decades of culture transformation experience as well as research from neuroscience and the social sciences, Carr and Herzberg provide practical and easy-to-implement tools and proven principles to help you rapidly transform your culture.

In The Art & Science of Culture, experts Carr and Herzberg demystify and illuminate what is hidden in your culture – helping you to recognize patterns and leverage both art and science to build an awe-inspiring culture that will dramatically improve your business performance.

Book includes link to bonus materials to help you get started on your culture transformation.

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“The hidden elements of culture the authors reveal align with our cultural objectives and would enable any organization to achieve its brand of success.”

Geoffroy van Raemdonck

CEO, Neiman Marcus Group

“We all know culture drives success in an organization. Chad and Matt bring to life another level of understanding of what creates your culture and help you leverage your culture to unlock your organization’s true potential.”

Todd Penegor

President & CEO, The Wendy’s Company

“As a former colleague of Chad and Matt, I’ve seen firsthand the effect that their systemic approach to culture transformation can have on an organization. From developing a true understanding of your culture to the importance of filling your team with go-to people, these principles are incredibly valuable.”

Mike Theilmann

CHRO, Albertsons Companies


“Leadership and culture are keys to sustained financial performance, especially in challenging times. The authors’ powerful combination of practical corporate leadership experience with management consulting enables them to reveal those critical culture levers often hidden in firms.”
—Ken Hannah, CFO, Caleres

“Culture has the power to either stall or accelerate business performance. I appreciate how the authors smartly offer insights into both the art and science of aligning strategy and culture to optimize for results.”
—Stephanie Crook, VP HR Strategy & Culture, Intel

“In the Art and Science of Culture, Dr. Carr and Matt Herzberg have blended the science of behavioral change with years of experience helping leaders transform their organizations. The authors have clearly captured the most important drivers of culture as being the collective state of mind throughout the organization. The lessons and experiences described in the book will help any leader or manager engage the principles to shape a healthy, high-performance culture.”
—Jim Hart, Former CEO, Senn Delaney Leadership, and Current CEO,

“The key to long-term growth is to ensure that the culture of an organization supports and aligns with the company’s growth strategy. This book provides a very effective model for creating a winning growth culture by understanding what is hidden in an organization and leveraging defined best practices to make the needed changes. Chad and Matt have leveraged their extensive experience to define an easy-to-understand framework with techniques and tools that will create a culture that drives results.”
—Mark Cosby, Former CEO, Michael’s, and Board Member

“From my perspective as the former CEO of a multinational corporation, and as I now work with CEOs of our portfolio companies, I have witnessed firsthand the power of the ideas and practices that build high-performance organizations across the globe. The systematic approach Matt and Chad deliver creates organizations that sustain themselves over time and routinely beat the competition.”
—Ahmad Chatila, Managing Partner, Fenice Investment Group

“As a CEO in my third company turnaround, I’ve lived the deep importance of a vibrant culture to move an organization forward. It’s hard, rewarding work, and Chad was a big part of our strategy and execution at Battelle to make that culture change. He and Matt have now taken those lessons to the next level, adding the biological impacts we feel to better prepare leaders to find productive paths forward for their organizations. Peter Drucker was right when he said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast,” and The Art of Science and Culture can guide you to improve the culture of your business.”
—Lou Von Thaer, President & CEO, Battelle

“Matt and Chad distill their years of experience and wisdom in leading their own HR organizations and transforming other companies into well-researched, simple ideas that build high-achieving cultures and breakthrough performance.”
—Shaker Sadasivam, PhD, CEO, Auragent Bioscience

“Transforming leaders from the inside out is key to transforming culture and ultimately driving high levels of sustained performance. Matt and Chad offer deep insights into the neuroscience roots of leadership along with a pragmatic approach for driving meaningful cultural change.”
—Susan Lamonica, CHRO & Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, Citizens Financial Group

“Matt and Chad are experts in the field of guiding leaders through the process of creating and sustaining high performance. This book shares many of their keen insights and meaningful experiences, creating a blueprint for executives.”
—Hammad Shah RPh, CEO, Clarest Health

“During my time in M&A and beyond as an HR leader, I have observed how critical company culture is in creating or destroying value for all stakeholders. Matt and Chad effectively outline the critical leaders’ actions required to create and sustain an environment of high performance and healthy corporate culture—making this book a go-to guide for transformation processes.”
—Beatriz Tielve, Chief People & Culture officer, X-Elio

“This book is a must read for anyone who wants a sustainable, high-performance culture that will recruit and retain top talent. Matt and Chad have done a masterful job of explaining not just the art, but also the science of culture change. The book is not just theoretical, either. Matt and Chad provide immensely practical, concrete steps that executives can follow to impact culture and drive results for their companies.”
—James R. Webb, Senior Vice President, General Counsel, Chief Risk Officer & Secretary, Continental Resources, Inc. 

“The authors offer deep insights into the neuroscience of leadership and sustainable culture change, which leads to superior performance. I have been able to use the concepts from the book in transforming my leadership team.”
—Pashu Gopalan, Co-Chairman & CEO, Silres Energy Solutions Private Limited (India)

“Driving change in an organization is obviously difficult. I want to thank the authors for detailing a framework that provides any leader the ability to positively influence not only their workplace culture, but also their own professional effectiveness and personal satisfaction.”
—Chris Awad, PhD, VP of Human Resources, NexGen Power System, Inc.

“Savvy investors and leaders have figured out that the path to returns on their financial capital are through attention to and care for the human capital aspects of the organization. There are many books to read on this topic, this one should be on your very short list. Chad and Matt lay out thoughtful and pragmatic approaches to creating sustainable value on the truly hard stuff of leadership.”
—Michael Keane, former CHRO PF Chang’s, Board Member, Executive Coach & Advisor 

The Art and Science of Culture is a practical tool for leaders of organizations big and small. By digging into the unseen forces on team culture, Chad and Matt have brought to the surface important conversations and strategies that every leader should be equipped with. My team will benefit from the insights provided in the book as we continue to navigate growth.”
—Jamie Schisler, President & Chief Comfort Officer, UpWest

“In this day and age of digital transformation and technology-driven decision making, a CEO’s biggest challenge is leading and sometimes pivoting their business strategies to achieve value and growth. Changing and evolving strategies is not the exception—it’s the new norm. The difference between doing it successfully or creating a fatal disruption is the culture of the company. Culture is the foundation strategy sits upon. This is the handbook every CEO needs to create that unshakable bedrock upon which strategy can flourish and evolve. Chad and Matt have done an exceptional job of laying out the fundamental and systematic approach to creating the ultimate resilient culture for success.”
—Mary Kay O’Connor-Wente, Former CEO, TEK Brands, Board Member

“The Art and Science of Culture provides a pragmatic playbook for all C-suite leaders and is an especially invaluable resource for chief executives and chief HR officers who seek to accelerate culture transformation. The engaging content, practical pointers, and “from the coalface” examples make this a thoughtful and rewarding read. Bravo to Chad Carr and Matt Herzberg for so eloquently demystifying culture and producing my new go-to guide on organizational culture.”
—Susan Steele, Chief People Officer, Ebiquity

“All organizations want a culture that creates sustained success and superior outcomes, but doing this is difficult. Matt and Chad’s knowledge and experience in the book provide great insights and a roadmap to build and maintain a high-performing culture. I appreciate their deep understanding of the science of culture change, along with the practical tools and methodologies they provide. A great and valuable read.”
—Mark Lindgren, SVP, Corporate Communications & CHRO of Ameren

“Culture is the key ingredient that defines success or failure for all companies. It’s critical that all leaders align their culture to the company strategy, nurture it, and embody these qualities. This book provides valuable insights into the art and science of culture using real-world case studies. The authors provide a proven process of building strong cultural values along with a scalable framework that your organization can easily understand, take to heart, and adopt. Building a rich culture will lead your organization to superior performance and higher customer value, and will enrich employees’ lives.”
—Ron McCutchen, VP, NVIDIA

“This book has much to offer C-suite executives as they go about the critical task of creating culture and leading change within their organizations. I can’t emphasize enough leadership’s role in defining and modeling the desired culture. The effort is doomed to fail when that role is abdicated elsewhere (especially to HR). In my many years of leading HR, I find that most employees wantto do a good job, but the hidden elements within the organization’s culture prevent success. Matt and Chad have done an exceptional job of utilizing both research and their significant practical experience to simplify the concept of culture and shed light on the hidden elements that impede business results. Most importantly, this book provides leaders with an easy-to-understand road map, practical tools, and on-point questions they can use tomorrow to create a healthier, more nimble culture—a must-read for all executives.”
—Melanie Curtis, CHRO, Laird Connectivity, Inc.

“In the crowded landscape of cultural transformation, the benefit of an iterative, systematic approach that enables an organization to reap the business impact of a high-performing culture is often missing. In The Art and Science of Culture, Chad and Matt provide a well-researched, practical, and intentional guide for leaders and organizations to maximize their results through continuous reflection and improvement. Regardless of where you are in your culture journey, this book provides the framework for improving success for your people and your organization.”
—Sean Dineen, Chief People Officer, Advanced Call Center Technologies

“If toxic behavior in a workplace is left unchecked, it will spread to the entire organization. Leaders must nurture their teams so that they can build a strong culture that drives positive results. Chad and Matt show you how to never take culture for granted. Listen, observe, and ask lots of questions to develop a strong and resilient culture.”
—Megan Hernandez, Former SVP of Stores, Express

“Culture drives company performance and it is critical in creating an environment of trust. In the world of private equity, it is common to see transactions where a merger of equals creates an enormous opportunity to generate shareholder return. Ultimately the ability of leadership to navigate the complex process of culture building will either make or break the investment thesis. Matt and Chad provide a well-thought-out playbook for culture building and driving performance.”
—Keith Cline, CEO, CEA Study Abroad & CAPA: The Global Education Network

We build—or degrade—culture by what we say (words) and what we do (behaviors). This is a powerful resource for any leader looking to explore, understand, and shape culture in a pragmatic and results-oriented manner.”
—Jen Hinkle, CHRO, Arhaus

“Chad and Matt catapult traditional culture theory into the present day with powerful lessons that are timely and relevant. They seamlessly synthesize perspectives from the macro environment, discoveries in neuroscience, and their own research in real-life corporate settings. Their wisdom is like rocket fuel, capable of transforming others both personally and professionally.
—Charolette Obringer, Group Vice President, Belk

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